How I Started. . .

 I didn't realize that I was just going literally back to my roots. 

My grandfather was a farmer and "Macaxeira" (manioka) was the main product of his labor. My mother and uncles grew up working on the farm and all their education was funded by this "white gold". They plant and process the root fabricating the flour that I am now using for our main dish: TAPIOCA

After so many years, here I am in Finland spreading not only an important part of my heritage but a product that means a lot to my culture in so many ways! Feels like I am closing a food cycle, and I hope to make my grandfather proud :) 

Tapioca is a GLUTEN-FREE dish and all fillings are made by us. We offer traditional and vegan options to almost all our dishes and we are always working on new and more healthy options. (Selene Gama)

Selene: "I started cooking in Finland because I was homesick.  It was a natural process that reconnected me with my heritage. If someone had told me that one day I would be cooking professionally, I would never believe it!" 

Well, this year I took over the business and registered as my own. It was a huge step and I must say that was never even my idea to be a business owner but here I am. "I still standing", and not planning to stop ever but adapting to my adventure priorities always. ;P

Story. . .

First little trailer (he have a new family now) 


We builded a little terrace around the little trailer


New trailer with more space in and out!

2020 - 2021

New fixed location!

2022 - 2023

Special Menu. . .

The dishes are inspired mainly by the Northeast of Brazil flavors. We offer traditional options and special dishes as well. 

Always improving to bring a healthy fast food option by making our own bases and using local products combined with the products traditionally present in our cuisine.

The journey has not been easy but definitely exciting!  Learning to push and believe in ourselves but also learning with each other, customers, and other cooks every day. What more can we ask for?