About Us

Tapioca Soul is more than a food trailer,

it is a life style project.

This is not only about food sales or conventional business.


The food trailer goal:

- Promote cultural experience through food

- Develop health and simple fast-food menu

- Create a community vibe among our customers by promoting special events and activities

- Avoid disposable products and use eco-friendly products as much as possible!

If you wish to be part of this journey,  please contact us!

The goal behind the food truck:

- Financial independence to keep our volunteer activities

- Monthly donate 10% of profits to social causes (reports on our blog!)


- Incentive other business owners to join us and make a difference.

Annetaan tuoda ainutlaatuisia makuja, jotka saavat sinut tuntemaan olosi kotoisaksi


Let us bring you unique flavors that makes you feel at home

Palvelumme / Our services


Touko - Syyskuu 

Tu - Sa - 10 - 17

Lokakuu - joulukuu

We - Sa - 11 - 18

(short break)

Tammikuu - Huhtikuu

  Th - Sa - 11 - 18

Tammelantori - Tampere

Tel: 0440378316 - 0452035905

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