A New season: let the challenge begin!

The summer was amazing, like Brazilian, I cannot complain about the hit :) Also we had such a help from Moro magazine giving us a front page. It was like a Christmas gift for me... big surprise and honestly, make me emotional because people start to come and taste our Tapioca. Thanks, everyone who came and also give their incentives, ideas, suggestions... all forms of love <3

But, now start the real deal: "should I stay or should I go?" The season of fruits and vegetables almost end at Tammelantori, not much movement around so, we decided to try a new season open hours as well. Starting from tomorrow, we will be open from Thursday to Saturday from 16:00 - 00:00.

We close the area, maybe some of you saw us working on it last week. I must say, it was not fun as usual because was too cold, some rain and we had to deal with a huge, heavy role of plastic for the first time. I hope I don't have to do this again next year :D

It is a simple solution but effective and we also install a warmer and lights.

We are also planing a delivery or by order food, but this is for the next post :)

Please contact us if you have requests for dinner party, special breakfast, etc!

Welcome to visit us!



Touko - Syyskuu 

Tu - Sa - 10 - 17

Lokakuu - joulukuu

We - Sa - 11 - 18

(short break)

Tammikuu - Huhtikuu

  Th - Sa - 11 - 18

Tammelantori - Tampere

Tel: 0440378316 - 0452035905

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