Go bigger or go home!

I believe that the first person that must invest on your dreams has to be yourself and that is literally what we are doing!

Let me be a bit personal here:

I don't know if I am crazy or a crazy dreamer but I just get used to thrust my guts. I am from a generation where the best way to improve is by doing it not much theory. You must grab the opportunities and make the best you can and that is my approach. Not everyone will agree or believe in your, well, you will not be always right ether, but that is OK, is part of the process. You will learn so much on the journey that is even impossible to think about the results, they will become reality on each step you take forward.

I don't have the intention to be a restaurant one day (no way!), or to be so busy that I cannot even do other things apart from cook but, let´s be honest, our little trailer is cute, we repaired it with own hands, it was hard, fun, exhausting, endless job but we need more space! The trailer was an example of a bad decision that became so precious to us! We learned to deal with the limitation, to find what would be the essential things to have in the space and also to shop wisely, as we don't have much storage, isn't great! :D

It is a heavy loan on our shoulders but we are at the same time very exited to make it!!

Here is the first pictures of it: (done by Tmi. Reijo Räsänen)

Reima had this trailer for his rally car long time ago. Yes, he likes speed but had to give up as didn't had sponsors. I guess he would lough hard if someone had told him that one day this would became a base for a Brazilian food trailer, I would! (Lol)

We are using as much second hand material as possible as we love it for so many reasons but we will not compromise on safety and quality!

But the best part is:

- We will be able to serve proper meals

- The trailer will be mobile, that means we can take the party to your home or anywhere!

- More siting space

We want to take you to Brazil with our atmosphere, every time you visit us!

Stay tuned for more details soon but in the mean time, come to visit us at Tammelantori, we are open from Wednesday to Saturday, 11 - 18

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