One step at a time... or few same time!

I guess you notice that we were not posting for a while. The last few weeks has been literally crazy about moving to a new house, renovating the sitting area at the food truck and I got a part-time job. They all happen at the same time but that was what makes it perfectly connected because all 3 changes have the same goal: to facilitate our life especially in the winter.

Have been great to see some customers coming back to eat again and some new faces trying the tapioca for the first time. It worth all the running here and there but of course we have a lot to learn to make a better service but I am thankful that all the customers are so kind and understanding :)

The Tapioca flour got a bit higher last week, but we will keep the same prices on our menu.

Well, here goes some news:

We will start selling the Tapioca flour ready to use that you can make it at home as well. They will come in different flavours that you can enjoy and offer to friends and family as a health easy do to and fast meal. The idea came from a customer that lives a bit far but would like to eat Tapioca. First I was telling her where to buy the flower but they are not ready for use and that is the tricky part so, I decided to do it. You just have to order in advance because must be made fresh and take a bit time to make it.

The Açaí is also available for you to prepare at home!

Please, check out the benefits of this superfood and bring at home with you.

Tapioca - traditional white (500g) ............... 3,00€

Tapioca - enriched and coloured (500g) .... 3,50€

(options: beet, coffee, spinach, carrot)

Açaí - 1 packs (100g) .................. 2,50€



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