We are back!

Reopen day with news

With just few days to the reopen date, I would like to share the news that we have been sharing on Facebook.


25.04 - 9am - 5pm

From 26.04 we will open from 11am - 6pm, as we did previously.

It will be days that we will open in different hours or don´t open as well. That is why we create a calendar that you can always check from our website or Facebook page.

Link to the calendar:


We had our first experience with a simple coffee break for Tampere Ambassadors network meet up. We are also part of the network and this is one of the ways to promote local talents and support startups.

It was a great experience and at the same week, we got the invitation to make 1 breakfast and 1 coffee break. How exiting!

Our goal for now is to focus on Brazilian Northeast food and bring the rich breakfast experience so typical on this region where I am from.

Link for the brochure:


The Mama´s coffee that you have been already drinking with us and the chili, are now available for sale that you can use at home.

The special for the summer will be the tropical fruits smoothies. We will be very happy to prepare for you but you can also buy it frozen from us to make it at home.

We will be testing some new dishes and if you like it, they will be included to our menu.

I guess this is the news for now and the details will be updated step by step.

Hope to see you soon!



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