Yet to come!

Ok, let´s go in detail what is going on. :)

The new trailer arrived in Tampere yesterday. still need some finishing touches outside and inside but I must say that it was a very nice feeling to see Reima arriving from Kuopio, even that was already so dark, but it was like sunshine just by the fact that we don't need to travel to Kuopio anymore! I love traveling, but the extra coast was not included in our plans.

It went over budget anyway about 300€ - 400€ wich is a lot when you are unemployed but you "gotta do what you gotta do", right? After start something, obstacles will always come, the decision is not if you can manage to continue but what will be the possible way to continue.

Going back to yesterday, well, after the smiles of seeing the trailer arrive... the reality came with all cold and rain possible and we just cannot park it at our spot. After a few attempts, we decided to take him away and leave at the parking place. We will need to put down the side of the sitting area and build again after the trailer is in place. Hoo boy! Misscauculation, miss patience and miss of brain as well hahaha

Well, I don't believe in bad new as I have the power to transform in a good thing so, here is MORE GOOD NEWS:


Tapioca Soul trailer will be parked at Tullinkamari Aukio Scare during the Womex Festival. You are more than welcome to visit us and enjoy our food!

Here are our open hours:

Thursday  24  ...   16:00 - 03:00

Friday       25  ...   16:00 - 04:30

Saturday  27  ...   16:00 - 05:00


As I am now attending a morning course, we plan to open the trailer from Thursday to Saturday 16:00 - 00:00

After that, we will take some winter break but I will keep you posted!

New website also comming soon with subscribe option!




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